Toontown is a happy place where Toons live and play. But there's trouble in Toontown!

Evil robots called Cogs are trying to turn this colorful Toon world into a black-and-white metropolis of skyscrapers and businesses.

Mickey and his friends are calling on all available Toons to help stop these mechanical menaces by pelting them with cream pies, seltzer water, flower pots, and lots of other toony gags. Remember, if you make a Cog laugh, he falls apart, because as every Toon knows, Cogs just can't take a joke.

  • Toontown is a place where players can:
    • Meet friends
    • Compete in games
    • Battle evil robots
    • Microsoft Windows 95, 98, ME, or 2000
    • 233 MHz or faster CPU with 64MB RAM
    • 100MB free space on your C hard drive
    • A 3D acceleration card with 8MB or greater
    • A 56K modem, or a faster connection
    • Microsoft DirectX
    • Microsoft IE v. 4.0 (or higher) or Netscape v. 4.0 (or higher)